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Greetings, my esteemed user. I would like to discuss with you the important topic of Permissions. In order to ensure the proper functioning of InviteButler, it is necessary to properly configure its permissions. To begin, all permissions should be set up using the invite URL provided.

Once configured, invites should be disabled for users on the Discord server so that only InviteButler can create them. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the bot is allowed to view invites on the server and is also able to kick and ban users for future features that may be added. Please take the time to ensure that these permissions are set up correctly so that InviteButler may function as intended.


As your trusted butler, I am here to help you configure the settings for Invite Butler. After inviting the bot, simply use the command /configure_guild to start configuring the guild settings. Here are some of the settings you can configure, bold options are mandatory to make the bot function correctly.

  • Select the channel you want users to be able to create invites.
    • default: none
  • If enabled the bot will delete any message posted invite channel.
    • default: enabled
  • Text that will be sent to the invite channel. Keep empty for default text.
    • default: default text
  • Select the channel that the bot will send logs and events to. Should be a private channel.
    • default: none
  • Default amount of invites a user gets when joining the server by an tracked invite.
    • default: 0
  • If enabled users receive the invite back when an user that they invited themself left the server.
    • default: disabled